About us

We drive opportunities. You drive your dream...


It started as a favor to a friend that needed a mobility solution. The temporary vehicle loan became a vehicle rental, the rental became a rental company and the rental company became Executive Motor World. This pre-owned car sales room opened in March 2013 and now offers mobility solutions through their sales, rental, finance and insurance divisions.

The client base is mostly executive business leaders who expect executive service levels and  appreciate executive premium motor brands. They also need an industry professional that can provide them with quick professional mobility solutions for all their personal and business mobility challenges.

This need justified the set-up of an industry network of service providers. The Executive Business Network is a purpose oriented value network of industry role players that share their social and technological resources in order to co-produce value to the benefit of each member of the only value network in the mobility solutions industry. Members look beyond the need to generate profit but to drive the opportunities that positively impact on people, society and the environment.


The Corporate Cluster drives strategic business opportunities, leadership and investor relations and is responsible for all strategic resources and network relationships. This include all central services providers like Accounting, Marketing, Legal, Information Technology, Human Resources, Specialist Consultants, Health and Safety, Corporate Governance and Specialist Management services.

The Collections Cluster drives all retail sales opportunities and include our Retail, Wholesale, Auctions, Finance, Insurance and Brand Stores sales showrooms. These are mainly showrooms that display our Premium Brand Collection (Pre-Owned German Motors) our Value Brands Collection (Volume Selling Popular Brands) the Taxi & Bus Collection and our Commercial Vehicle Collection.

The CARCARE cluster drives all technical and mechanical business opportunities and include service workshops, performance centers, parts suppliers, vehicle testing facilities, tyre and battery fitment centers, vehicle tracking fitments and monitoring, fleet management, auto electricians, upholstery trimmers, body repairs centers, wash and valet services, security and accessory fitment centers, audio fitments and vehicle branding studios. This cluster is also the procurement center and responsible for all stock purchases and wholesales back to the motor industry.

The Executive Business Club drives all customer relations and customer loyalty opportunities and are responsible for our enterprise development, internet franchising and micro franchise development projects.

The “Campus” Cluster drives all enterprise development projects and primarily focus on the business incubator. Industry role players specializing in research, training, career development, business coaching, consulting, , mentoring, accreditation,  certification drives opportunities in new venture creation and  supply chain development. The value creation offered by academic tertiary institutions, innovation service providers, science parks and intellectual property management firms form the basis of  all technology commercialization activities.




The innovation, integrity and pure guts of our intelligent hard working teams helped us to establish trust with the stakeholders that make the strategic resources available to us.

The ability to remove customer frustration has allowed us to see new opportunities in business modelling and execution. Today we drive opportunities so that that you can drive your dream.

Customers buy when value exceeds price. The Executive Business Network is based on industry and value chain partnerships with the purpose of creating exceptional value and benefits for all members.

Spirituality is not about religion. We are aware that we are more than our momentary, power or profit desires. We believe that all life is part of an interlinked system for which we are responsible.


Germany’s achievements in science and technology notably physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering proved that Germany is more than beer and BMW. German companies succeed by offering the best technology in their segment. Germany is a world leader in innovation, boasting leading universities and research institutes alongside major engineering, IT and manufacturing industries. This is why the Executive Business Network cannot succeed as a value network without the involvement our future business leaders and (their) educational institutions.  German cars elicit passion in owners and drivers that builds towards a lifelong quality, based on the progressive engineering and the modern styled, yet supremely functional, design. This passion is shared by the sales executives and management at Executive Motor World, all of whom are dedicated to service and support levels equalling the standards set by the cars.